The Société de Bonsaï et de Penjing du Québec (SBPQ) is a non-profit-making society which is born from the grouping of enthusiasts of the bonsaï. We devoted ourselves as main mission to promoted the art of bonsaï and Penjind across all Québec!

This site objectives is to provide support to his members by informing them about all events which enlivens the society and to provide them tools and precious means.

For the visitors, this site allows you to enquire about events that are public, notably the annual exhibition. Beside, you can learn about bonsaï in Québec, have information on our society and see lessons and activities offertent to our members. Who knows, perhaps that you will be encouraged to becom member of our society!

For some, Bonsai is a plant, a vegetable curiosity of the world. For others, it is an art which supplied a source of inspiration without limit. The fact remains that a bonsaï gives to the one who looks at it a strong emotion and leaves nobody indifferent.

Do not hesitate to communicate with us if you have a questions or comments.

Thanks for you visit!